On-Line System

CREDENCE BACKGROUND SCREENING’s service is delivered by our bespoke web based programme specifically developed for the screening of staff. The system is accessible at all times with the real time status of all checks, thus enabling you to monitor the progress of each check and download each reference in electronic format.

Each recruiting manager or dedicated individual will have a login to access the online system. Once a successful candidate has completed their application form the details are forwarded to CREDENCE, assigned to the relevant team within CREDENCE and made securely available on-line. At any stage in the process our clients are able to see the progress of each check and view any of the completed references, finance checks, DVLA checks, education verifications etc.

Key Benefits

  • Ease of use (to be trained up fully on the system typically takes 5 minutes)
  • Real time status
  • Enhanced speed of process
  • 24hr on-line secure access
  • Access to reports online
  • Enables direct communication between the client and processor
  • Provides complete transparency of the entire service

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